On the Issues

Promoting Local Solutions

Interference from Tallahassee and Washington is holding Largo back. Eric believes that we need local solutions to the issues we face. That means including our residents, small businesses, and community organizations in our planning so we build a government that works. It’s going to take local leadership to move our city forward.

Homes our Families can Afford

Eric is working to make sure homes in Largo are affordable, that our taxes are low, and that we plan for the future as we grow. That’s why Eric supports responsible growth and incentives for quality housing residents of all incomes can afford. Largo is a great place to start a career, raise a family, or retire – we need housing for residents at every stage of their lives.

Protecting our Environment

Largo is a beautiful place to live, work, and raise a family – we need to keep it that way. Eric believes that we can grow responsibly by evaluating the impact of development, promoting smart growth, and protecting and expanding green space in our city. He’ll also work with regional partners to invest in green technologies that will lower utility costs for residents.

Creating Safer Neighborhoods

Public safety is a priority for Eric. In addition to fully funding our first responders, Eric will bring residents together to hear their input on roadway safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. That holistic approach to safety will create stronger communities and promote engagement from residents.

Your Voice Matters

Eric knows that our Commission’s job is to listen to residents and address their concerns. That’s why he’s meeting regularly with residents, community groups, and local organizations to hear their input. Have a specific question or concern to share? Please use our Contact Eric  page to connect with Eric directly.

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